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The Stop Payment Form (PDF) is needed when payment on a check needs to be stopped. The form is used when a person has not received their payroll check, a student has not received his refund check, etc. The form has to be completed and turned in to Accounting & Financial Services. After the form is received, bank records are checked to make sure the check has not been cashed or deposited already. If it has not been cashed or deposited then the check is stopped and another can be issued or not. If the check it not 30 days old then there will be a $10 stop fee deducted from the amount of the check. 

If the check has indeed been cashed then the person contact the police department because his money has been stolen.

For assistance with the Stop Payment Form (PDF) please call Carolyn Pollock at 270-809-3789.

The Stop Payment Form (PDF) is located on the right, under Files.


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