Google Apps at Murray State - What to Know

Our RacerMail system powered by Google offers many services and apps beyond email.


What does it mean to use RacerMail for these services? In the past, users who wanted to use a Google service, like YouTube or Google Maps, had to create a personal Gmail account to sign-in with. Now that those services are part of RacerMail, you can use your email account to access them. **Note: If you already have a personal Gmail account and you use these services, your settings and content will not be there when you log-in with your RacerMail account. This will be an additional account to use for student/employee-related activities if you choose to.

Are there any issues with using a RacerMail account for Google services? Using your RacerMail account for class projects and collaboration will be ideal. Students who graduate or employees who leave the university should be aware that any content created with their account will be deleted when their account is terminated. Most Google services offer a way to migrate, download or share content created with another account later, but users will be responsible for managing and supporting their content. Users creating content for departments or colleges may want to use a departmental email account as the "owner" since these accounts are not deleted. Google Takeout can be used to transfer data and settings to personal accounts.

Where do I go for help with these additional Google services? Because of the many services being offered, the Service Desk will not be able to offer detailed support for all services. Users are encouraged to take advantage of Google's excellent online help articles available at

What apps are currently available to me as a Murray State user? The list of apps available to us constantly changes as Google adds and drops services. To see what is currently available to use in your Murray State University Google account, login to RacerMail, then click the "waffle" icon  in the upper-right area close to your name. A brief list of common apps will appear, Click on "More" to see the full list.


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