Tickets - Creating, Viewing, and Updating

This article is to help the employees and students understand how to submit a ticket, check a ticket’s status, view existing tickets, and respond to tickets. 

NOTE: Anytime you are creating or updating a ticket, you will be prompted to login with your myGate credentials if you are not already logged in.

Create a Ticket

  • Go to the Service Catalog Client Portal
  • You can either use the gold "Search" button on the left, or use the search box in the upper right to search for the type of ticket you want to submit.
  • Most tickets include a description page to assist with some common questions you may have about your request. It’s important to read the description as we have included information that may help resolve an issue on your own. Other information may include turnaround time for ticket completion, information the ticket will ask for, or links to other helpful articles.
  • If you’ve read through the information and you still need assistance, click the blue “Request this Service” button on the right. 

Entering information into the ticket

Every ticket will ask for much of the same information, including the Requestor. If you are creating a ticket on behalf of someone else, you can change the “Requestor” field to their information. It’s best to use the person’s email address or M# as these are unique to each individual. Do not rely on a person’s name for the correct user. The “Acct/Dept” field will automatically update based on the “Requestor” field.

Each ticket form will ask for specific information related to that ticket. To help the technician(s) resolve your ticket sooner, it’s helpful to include as much information about your issue or request as possible. In many cases, all necessary info will be listed as required fields. 

Once you have submitted the ticket, the person listed in the “Requestor” field will receive an email confirmation of the ticket’s creation. The email will include basic ticket information, as well as a link to view/update the ticket.

Check a Ticket’s Status

There are two ways to check the status of a ticket. 

  1. Open the “MSU Service Catalog Ticket Created" email you received. Click on the link provided in the email to take you directly to that ticket.
  2. Go to the Service Catalog Client Portal and click on the gold “View My Requests” button 
    1. You will see a list of tickets that have a status class of New, In Process, or On Hold. To view any closed tickets, change the “Status Class” field to include Completed. Click the green “Search” button to update the results.

TIP: You can check the “Include requests that I am listed as a contact on” option and/or the “Include requests from my accounts / departments” to see additional tickets you might need to check on.

Add Information to a Ticket

Sometimes a technician will respond to the ticket, asking you for more information, or to verify if the issue has been resolved.  You may also wish to add additional information to a ticket. There are several ways to do this.

Respond to the email - If you have received an email about the creation of a ticket, or an email from a technician asking for more information, just reply to that email. Be sure not to change any of the text in the email’s body, as that is how the system knows which ticket you are replying to.

Click the ticket link in the email - Every email you receive from the Service Catalog will have a ticket URL in it. You can click that URL to be taken directly to the ticket itself. From there, you can  comment on the ticket, add an attachment, or even cancel the ticket.

You can also update a ticket by viewing all tickets directly from the Service Catalog, listed in Step 2 of the Check a Ticket’s Status section above.

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