Connecting to the Internet in the Residential Colleges and College Courts

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In Summer 2020, Information Systems upgraded the ResNet wired and wireless networks. These upgrades allow faster and easier device access to the Internet in the Residential Colleges and College Courts.

Connecting to the Wired Network

Students needing to connect a device to the network ports in their Residential College room will still have to request those ports be activated using the “Activate a Wired Port on ResNet” form or by contacting the Service Desk at 270-809-2346. Network ports in College Courts should already be activated, but if you are having trouble with your ports in College Courts, complete the “Activate a Wired Port on ResNet” form.

Once the network port has been activated, simply plugging in your computer to the network port using an ethernet cable will allow your device to connect to the Internet. You will not be required to register your device.

Connecting to the Wireless Networks

The changes to the ResNet wireless networks now allow for easier access to the Internet in the Residential Colleges and in College Courts. When trying to connect wirelessly, students will see three wireless networks: ResNetDevices, ResNetWireless, and ResNetDevicesRegistration.

ResNetWireless network

Students will use the ResNetWireless network for most mobile devices, including laptops and phones. After choosing the ResNetWireless network from the list of networks, you will be prompted for your username and password - this is the same username and password you use to access MSUstudent on campus. If you do not know this password, you can login to myGate and reset your password. Once connected, you will not need to register your device further.

ResNetDevicesRegistration & ResNetDevices networks

In some cases, your device, such as a gaming device, may not be able to connect to ResNetWireless. For these devices, you will need to generate a Pre-Shared Key to use by connecting to the ResNetDevicesRegistration network on a computer or phone with a web browser. Your gaming or other device can then be connected to the ResNetDevices network for Internet access using that key. The ResNetDevices network will only allow you to have 5 devices connected at one time. This limit does not apply to ResNetWireless or the wired network.

We have provided instructions for these devices in our “Connecting to ResNet Using ResNetDevicesRegistration & ResNetDevices” article.

Allowed Devices

Almost any wireless device can be connected to the ResNetWireless or ResNetDevices networks. However, Murray State University does not recommend or support connecting devices like wireless printers, Amazon Echo, Google Home, wireless cameras, or any other device that a person nearby can access remotely. Murray State University is not responsible for any action, accidentally or maliciously, performed using these types of devices.

No network switches, hubs, access points, or routers may be connected to the ResNet network at any time.

Additional Support

If you are having trouble connecting to a wireless network on campus, please use our "Troubleshooting Wireless Issues on Campus or ResNet" article for information and tips on resolving common problems.  If you continue ot have problems after following those instructions, you can fill out a "ResNet Support" request and a Service Desk technician will contact you.

You may also contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or by email at

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