Connecting to ResNet Using ResNetDevicesRegistration & ResNetDevices

Students living in the Residential Colleges and College Courts can connect their Internet-capable devices using the wired network ports or the ResNetWireless network. Information on accessing these two networks is in our “Connecting to the Internet in the Residential Colleges and College Courts” article.

Some devices, including gaming devices, may not be able to access the ResNetWireless network. Those devices can be connected using the instructions in this article.

Using the ResNetDevicesRegistration network

If your gaming or other device is unable to connect to the ResNetWireless network, use a phone, computer, or other device with a web browser to connect to the ResNetDevicesRegistration network. 

Upon connection, open a web browser and you will be presented with a “ResNet Device Registration" page with the ResNet Use Policy. 

After reading the Use Policy, scroll down to “Accept” the policy. 

On the Registration page, enter your email address. Confirm you have typed this in correctly - a confirmation email with your Private Pre-Shared Key will be sent to that email address. This is a required field.

Enter your contact phone number. Click the “Register” button. It may take a few minutes before the system finishes processing the request and sends you to the next page.

Once complete, you will see a “Registration Successful” page with additional instructions. 

Once you receive the confirmation email with the access key (also called a Pre-Shared Key), your account will be ready and you can begin connecting your gaming or other devices to the ResNetDevices network. Please note that it may take several minutes before you receive the email.

Using Your Access Key/Pre-Shared Key

Once your account and Pre-Shared Key are ready, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. The email will come from “Extreme Networks” ( Don’t worry, this is a legitimate email. 

The email will contain your access key (also referred to as your Pre-Shared Key), the email address you provided, and an expiration date for this access key. DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL. You will need the access key to connect any devices that are unable to connect to the ResNetWireless network. 

NOTE: You can only use your access key with up to five devices simultaneously.

When you are ready, connect your device to the ResNetDevices network. You will be prompted for a password - this is the access key provided to you via email. After successfully entering the access key and clicking “Join” (your device may have a different screen/button), you will be connected to the ResNetDevices network. 



When trying to register, I received a "Login Unsuccessful" message.

You will receive the "Login Unsuccessful" message if you are trying to use an email address that has already been registered. Contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or and we can have your access key resent to you.

What if I lost my email with my access key?

You won’t be able to re-register with your email account. However, contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or and we can have the email resent to you.

Will the access key ever expire?

Yes! The email you receive will contain an expiration date and time. Once you have reached that date/time, you will be able to re-register with your email address to generate a new access key. The Service Desk may occasionally clear out all existing keys in preparation for new semesters.

What if I have more than 5 devices to connect?

First, we recommend trying to connect your devices to ResNetWireless. Laptops and cell phones should connect easily. Gaming devices and other personal devices may not connect to the ResNetWireless network and will have to use the ResNetDevices process. If you try to connect a 6th device, you will receive a “Can’t connect to this network” error. Disconnecting one of the first 5 devices will let you connect the 6th device.

Can any device be connected to the ResNet networks?

Murray State University cannot guarantee that EVERY wireless device will be able to connect to the ResNetWireless or the ResNetDevices networks. However, most common devices should be able to. If you have trouble after trying the instructions above, contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or for assistance.

While most devices should connect without any problems, Murray State University does not recommend connecting devices like wireless printers, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other device that a person nearby can access remotely. Murray State University is not responsible for any action, accidentally or maliciously, performed using these types of devices.

Additional Support

If you are having trouble connecting to a wireless network on campus, please use our "Troubleshooting Wireless Issues on Campus or ResNet" article for information and tips on resolving common problems.  If you continue ot have problems after following those instructions, you can fill out a "ResNet Support" request and a Service Desk technician will contact you.

You may also contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or by email at

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