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Beginning Tuesday, July 18, 2023, current Murray State users will begin receiving their account claim emails from msu.rapididentity@murraystate.edu.

The email will contain information on how to claim your account in our new login portal. Using the information in the email, follow the process as described below to claim your account.

Claiming Your Account

Go to the login portal (https://login.murraystate.edu/), and click on the "Claim My Account" button.


On the Claim Account page, enter your MSU username and your Claim Code. Both were provided to you in the account claim email. Click Next.


Set a new password. You can view more information about our password requirements. Once you set this password successfully, you can begin using your new password for all MSU systems.

If your new password doesn't meet the password requirements, you will receive a "Password is not valid" error message.

If your new password doesn't match in the "New" and the "Verify" boxes, you will receive a "Passwords do not match" error message.


After successfully setting a new password, you will see the following screen. You can now login to any system with your new password. NOTE: You will need to update your password on a mobile device if you use any of MSU's wireless networks.


Errors and Troubleshooting

I received an "Authentication Failed" error.

This means either your username and/or your password was incorrect. Click the "Start Over" button, and carefully retype your username (you do NOT need the @murraystate.edu part). On the next screen, carefully retype your password. If you still get this error message, click the "Forgot Password?" link to have a "one time access code" sent to your cell phone, and follow the instructions above in this article. If you still are unable to login or you don't receive the text message, please contact the Service Desk at 270.809.2346 or by msu.servicedesk@murraystate.edu for assistance.


Didn't receive a text message?

If you clicked the "Forgot password?" link but didn't receive a text message, it may be that your mobile phone number has not updated with Murray State University. Please contact the Service Desk at 270.809.2346 or by msu.servicedesk@murraystate.edu for assistance. Once you have successfully logged in, we highly recommend you update your phone number inside myGate using the Update Your Phone Number or Mailing Address in myGate article.


I received a "The password you have chosen has previously appeared in a known data breach and should not be used. Please select another password."

This doesn't mean your account has been compromised, but it does mean that the password you are trying to use has been found in a data breach elsewhere. It's best to try using a completely different password. And if the password you were attempting to use is used in any of your other accounts, change that password as well..


I received a "Password contains an illegal word."

Check the list for words you shouldn't use, like your first name, last name, email address, etc. This also includes common passwords like "password" or "123456" or "murray" or "racers." This is not a complete list, just an example.


I received a "The password update operation has failed."

Please call the Service Desk at 270-809-2346 for assistance.


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