Accounts & Passwords

Information about usernames, passwords, and access

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myGate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

myGate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) utilizes the DUO app to provide users with an added layer of security to protect their myGate accounts and personal information.

SFTP & Website

Information on settings for SFTP upload software like FileZilla, WinSCP, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Articles (13)

Google's 2-Step Verification

Learn more about Google's security feature for logging in: 2-Step Verification (sometimes called 2-Factor Authentication)

myGate Authorized Users

Learn how to create an authorized users and reset their passwords

myGate Consent to Release

Learn how to add an authorized user and/or setup a security question for your myGate account

myGate Password and Account Expiration FAQ

This article contains information on why users are being prompted to change their myGate password.

Password Help / Self-Help Password Recovery System

Password Help is the password recovery system that will allow a user to reset their myGate or Network (MSUNET2K) password without having to call the Service Desk.