Submit a Print Job from the CampusPrint Website

MSU has provided four ways for students to submit a print job to the CampusPrint printers:

From any campus computer or from in the residential halls, go to the CampusPrint website and log in with your MSU network credentials.

On the "Summary" screen, you are provided with your BALANCE (the amount remaining for using CampusPrint), as well as information about previous print jobs. 

On the "Jobs Pending Release" screen, you can see all print jobs that have been submitted but not released for printing. Keep in mind that print jobs remain in the queue for 48 hours before being purged.

Instructions for Submitting a Print Job

  1. After successfully logging in to the CampusPrint website, click on "Web Print" in the left-side menu.
  2. Click on the green "Submit a Job" button.
  3. On the "Options" screen, enter the desired number of copies for this print job, then click the green "Upload Documents" button.
  4. .Drag and drop files from your computer, or click the green "Upload from computer" button. A list of accepted file types is provided for your convenience.
  5. After you have selected your file(s), click the green "Upload & Complete" button.
  6. On the "Web Print" screen, the status of your upload(s) is displayed. Depending on the file type and size, this may take several minutes. You can also click the green "Submit a Job" to submit another file for printing. You can return to the "Web Print" screen at anytime to check the progress of your job(s).
  7. Be sure to log out of the CampusPrint website by clicking on your username in the upper right corner, and then clicking "Log out."

Once your jobs have been successfully submitted, you can walk up to any CampusPrint printer location to release your job.

NOTE: Print jobs uploaded to the CampusPrint website will ONLY be printed in black and white, and in duplex. If you need to print a document in color, or print single-sided, you will need to print from a campus lab computer or from your personal device. Instructions for doing so can be found in our Print in Color or Single-Sided in CampusPrint article.


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