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Commonly-asked questions about the student printing system.
Students can upload files to be printed from the CampusPrint website. After successfully uploading, these print jobs can be released from any CampusPrint printer.
A list of the locations of CampusPrint-enabled devices.
By default, CampusPrint printers are set up to print in black and white, and duplex (2-sided) printing. To be able to print in color, or using single-sided printing, please use the following instructions.
These instructions will guide students through setting up CampusPrint on their personal devices, including Applie, Windows, Android, and Chrome devices. These instructions are specifically for using CampusPrint printers.
These instructions will guide students through releasing a print job, copying, and scanning from the CampusPrint printers.
Students can submit print jobs from their MSU email address to the CampusPrint printers.