Access RacerMail on Third-Party Mail Apps

This article includes various aspects of using Third-Party Mail clients and other Third-Party applications including: 

Google 2-Step Verification

Google 2-Step Verification is a secondary verification for your account. This will not override our 2-Step Verification on campus, DUO Mobile. Google’s 2-Step Verification is now primarily used to setup App Passwords inside of Google to access third-party mail applications, like Outlook.

To set up 2-Step Verification in Google:

  1. Login to your Murray State Google account.
  2. Click the RacerMail button in the upper left-hand corner, then click Manage Your Google Account
  3. Click Security.
  4. Go to Signing in to Google.
  5. Click 2-Step Verification.
  6. Click Get Started.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

App Passwords

After this is complete in the same Security section, there will now be App Passwords box. An App Password is a 16-digit passcode that gives a less secure app or device permission to access your Google Account. This will then allow you to access third-party mail apps, like Outlook, using your RacerMail Account.

To set up App Passwords in Google:

  1. Go to your Google Account.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Under "Signing in to Google," select App Passwords.
  4. At the bottom, choose Select app and choose the app you using or choose Other
  5. Select device and choose the device you’re using, if prompted.
  6. Then click Generate.
  7. Follow the instructions to enter the App Password. The App Password is the 16-character code in the yellow bar on your device. You can copy and paste this into the third-party mail client that you are signing into. 
  8. Tap Done.


You can read your RacerMail messages from a client or device that supports POP or IMAP (like Outlook) but IMAP or POP must first be enabled in RacerMail.

What's the difference between IMAP and POP?

With IMAP, email messages and attachments stay on the mail server even after you open them on your device, for example a tablet or phone. To keep messages on the server so you can get them from any of your devices at any time, use IMAP.

With POP, email messages and attachments are removed from the mail server after you get them on your device. Once the messages are removed from the server, you can't get them from any other device. If you get messages on a single device, and want messages deleted from the server after downloading, use POP. 

For more information please see this article.

Step 1: Enable IMAP or POP in RacerMail

IMAP Setup Instructions

  1. Sign in to RacerMail.
  2. Click the gear in the top right.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  5. Select Enable IMAP.
  6. Click Save Changes.

POP Setup Instructions

  1. Sign in to RacerMail.
  2. At the top right, click Settings from the Gear icon.
  3. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Select Enable POP for all mail or Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.
  5. Choose what to do with your messages after your POP client or device receives them. We recommend the first option, keeping Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Although the radio button next to your selected option may not stay selected, Gmail displays the status next to 'POP Status:.' When you enable POP, your settings display 'POP Status: POP is enabled.'

If your POP settings are turned off, the status will indicate that POP is disabled.

Once you've enabled POP in your RacerMail settings, you need to configure your client.


Step 2: Set up your client

Use the tables below to update your client with the correct information.

IMAP Client Settings

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server:
Requires SSL: Yes
Port: 993

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
Use Authentication: Yes
Port for SSL: 465 or 587
Use same settings as incoming mail server

Full Name or Display Name:

[your name]

Account Name or User Name:

your full email address

Email Address:

your full email address


your Murray State password


POP Client Settings

Incoming Mail (POP) Server:
Requires SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
Requires SSL: Yes
Requires TLS: Yes (if available)
Requires Authentication: Yes
Port for SSL: 465
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587

Server timeouts

Greater than 1 minute, we recommend 5

Full Name or Display Name:

[your name]

Account Name or User Name:

your full email address

Email Address:

your full email address


your Murray State password


Less Secure Third-Party Apps

Google has implemented a security feature to help keep your Google account more secure. NOTE: This option will NOT be available for any account that has 2-Step Verification turned on in Google.

Allowing third-party access/All less secure apps: 
To allow other non-Google apps and devices access your Google account, you will need to:

  • Login to your Murray State Google account 
  • If you are not already signed in, click on Sign in in the upper right corner and login with your Murray State email credentials
  • Click on Security
  • Scroll down to the "Less secure app access" section
  • Click "Turn on access (not recommended)" link
  • Click the slider button next to "Allow less secure apps" to turn it ON
    • This will allow applications and devices continued access to your email account.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to regularly review your account settings to ensure everything remains updated for your protection. Continue through all the options to update your security settings.

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