Zoom Account Upgrade for TAs or Student Workers

Use this service to request that a student's Zoom account be upgraded because they are a TA in a course of have some other function as a University employee. Only a supervising faculty or staff member may request this upgrade.

Account upgrades will be removed each year following Spring graduation, and must be requested again.


  1. For security purposes, we will not take these requests over the phone.

  2. Only faculty or supervising staff may request this role for a TA/GA/SW.

  3. For the Spring 2021 semester, all upgraded student accounts will be downgraded to basic student accounts following the Spring 2021 graduation date. 

  4. For all semesters after Spring 2021, student worker, TA, and GA account upgrades will need to be requested each year. These accounts will be downgraded to basic student accounts after the Spring graduation date each year.

  5. Student worker, TA, and GA account upgrades can only be requested for a student currently enrolled at Murray State for that academic year.

  6. The supervising faculty or staff is responsible for oversight of these accounts.

  7. If we find any improper use of the account we will inform the supervisor and downgrade the student account permanently. A supervisor can request a downgrade at any time.

  8. Faculty can request upgrades for the Summer immediately after Spring graduation for students who are working over the summer terms.

Request This Service


Service ID: 47303
Mon 11/16/20 2:06 PM
Mon 1/4/21 9:46 AM