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Have an account added to be able to log in to the PCI domain.

Have a file added to the fileshare inside of the PCI Card Holder Data Environment.

Akindi is a Scantron alternative used for multiple choice examinations.

Akindi is a Scantron alternative used for multiple choice examinations. Instructors may request one-on-one or group training sessions to see how Akindi can be used.

Use this service to request automated monitoring and timely notifications of on-campus servers and devices.

Request to apply a Banner patch outside of the regular patching schedule.

Update SSB Role for EPAF Administrator, Effort Certification Administrator, Labor Redistribution Initiator, and Master Salary Planner.

New document type requested for application/folder in BDM/ApplicationXtender.

Request to have your BDM/ApplicationXtender account reset (unlocked).

Request support for ERP-related Production or TEST environment.

Use this service to report an issue with the CampusPrint student printing system.

Canvas is the Learning Management System used at MSU. Instructors may register for scheduled workshops and seminars or request customized one-on-one or group training sessions.

For classroom “emergency” repairs, call 270-809-5360. For non-critical repairs, COEHS instructors may submit a service request by clicking on the request button at the right. Please be sure to include any information to describe the equipment, the issues being experience, and additional information for technicians.

Tech support for this service will need to be made in advance by at least one (1) week. Made any closer to the date, the request may be denied. The service will provide audio set-up, room prep/assistance, microphone set-up, etc. This service helps with events within the COEHS that may take place outdoors, indoors in the atrium, or certain classrooms holding events that need extra set-up.

Request to have a Cognos report promoted from TEST to the PRODUCTION environment.