Services A-Z (107)


Activate a Wired Port on ResNet

Add a TA, GA, or Instructor to a Course in Canvas

Add File to PCI Fileshare

Akindi Support

Akindi Training

Alerts and Monitoring


Banner Change Control

Banner SSB Role

BDM - New Document Type Request

BDM/ApplicationXtender - Request to Correct Locked Out Status

BSIS System Support


CampusPrint Support

Canvas General Support

Canvas Training

COEHS Classroom Equipment Repair

COEHS Event Tech Setup/Support

Cognos - Promote a Report from TEST to PROD

Computer System Purchasing

Connect a Device to the Network

Connect to a Networked Printer

Cross-list (Combine) Courses on Canvas


Data Request/Modification

Database Backups

Database Clones, Recovery or Migrations

Database Installations

Developer Scripts

Directory Assistance / Information

DNS Entry


Effective Date Changes for Finance Funds/ORGNS

Email and Google Apps Support

Enable Single Sign-on for an External System

Encrypted File Share


Fax Line

Firewall Management


General AiM Support

General Computer Support

General DBA Support


Imagine Access Request


Listserv (Mailing List) Support


Malware Incident

MeetMe Conference Number

Murray State Account Support


Network Share File Restore

New Requestor Access for AiM


Qualtrics Support


RacerNet Website Support

racerVision Support

racerVision Training

Remote Access Support

Remote Phone Service

Remote Phone Support

Report a Cable Television Problem

Report a Hardware Problem

Report a Network Issue on Campus

Report a Network Issue on ResNet

Report a Printer Problem

Report a Software Problem

Report an Issue with an MSU Hotspot

Report Phishing Email

Report Request/Modification

Request a Custom Training

Request a Development, Training, or User Group Course in Canvas

Request Guest Internet Access

Request Modification to Existing UC4/AppWorx Automated Job or Process

Request Remote Access via Racerdesk

ResNet Support

Respondus Training

Respondus, Lockdown Browser, or Monitor Support


Security Camera Support

Server Backup/Restore

Server Decommission

Server Hosting

Server Replication

Server Snapshot

Server Software Upgrades and Patching

Server Storage Addition

SFTP Access for Class

Shared Drive Permissions Change Request

Shared Drive Request or Expansion

Software Installation, Upgrade, or Removal

SSL Certificate

Static IP or DHCP Reservation (Add or Remove)

Studio Support

Studio Training

Survey Development / SurveyMonkey


Team Drive Support

Turnitin Support

Turnitin Training


Username Change


Vendor Remote Access Request

Virtual Machine Support

Voice Mail Support

VoIP Phone Assistance or Repair

VoIP Phone Changes or New Service


We're Listening!


Zoom Account Upgrade for TAs or Student Workers

Zoom Support

Zoom Training