Getting Started with Canvas: Help Guides, Tutorials, etc.


Log in and look at your courses.  Courses are created in Canvas automatically each semester once the Provost's office releases the schedules and CRNs - no request needed.

Get Help.  Many instructors may get started by consulting the Canvas Instructor Guide, but training can be offered face-to-face and online. Sign up for scheduled sessions on our Trainings and Seminars page. Other resources available for faculty include a Canvas Resource Course and a Canvas Online Orientation for Instructors. For technical support, contact Academic Applications Solutions by using the Canvas Support service request. For instructional design, and support on using the various tools within Canvas, contact the Faculty Development Center at 270-809-5000.

Begin setting up your course.  Canvas is very student-centered. Courses are built around the assignments (tasks - graded or ungraded) that you assign and are presented in either a linear assignment list or grouped logically in modules. For assistance with course design, contact the Faculty Development Center at 270-809-5000 or send an email to

  • You may request to have a TA or additional instructor added to your course by submitting the service request: Add a TA, GA, or Instructor to a Course in Canvas or by emailing with the following information: 
    • Their first name, last name, and current MSU email address
    • The role that the user needs to be assigned (TA or Instructor)
    • The Course ID for the course(s) you want them enrolled in



Log in and look at your courses.  Until at least one course is available to you, the top navigation bar shows as Home. Once faculty have made courses available to students, you should see them under Courses. If you have several, or to see other courses, click on View All Courses. Your Canvas course list should match your myGate schedule, but not all courses in Canvas will be made available to you because not all faculty use Canvas to deliver course materials. If you are missing a course in Canvas, first verify that the course shows in your schedule on myGate.

What if I don't know how to use Canvas?  Here are some options: visit our Canvas Student Orientation course, search through the Canvas Student Guide, search the MSU Knowledge Base, or contact the Service Desk, by phone at 270-809-2346 or email to


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Secondary instructors or teaching assistants (TA or GA) can be added to Canvas courses.
If you experience an issue with Canvas, please request support through the ticketing system inside Canvas. For general support, please refer to the Canvas guides available here.
If you are teaching multiple sections of a course or multiple courses that you would like to have combined into one course shell on Canvas, please use this service request.
Canvas course shells may be used for course development, training, user group communications, and committee work.