Getting Help with Canvas: Guides, Community, Ask Questions, Make Suggestions

Use the Help button located in the left-side menu of the Canvas interface. The Help button links directly to several helpful Canvas resources. The following are a few tips for each of these links. 

  • Ask your instructor a question.
  • Search the Canvas Guides. 
  • Report a problem. 
  • Ask the community. Don't be shy! If you have a how-to question, ask our Canvas Coaches for help. 
  • Request a Feature. Be sure to search for feature requests before you create a new one. If you find a feature request closely related to yours, leave a comment with additional suggestions. It's more effective to vote up on an existing feature request than to create a duplicate. 

The Canvas Help website at serves as a the main website resource for customers. (The Help Button within Canvas links to several of the site pages). On this site you'll also have easy access to: 


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