Request a Development, Training, or User Group Course in Canvas

Canvas may be used for approved purposes other than academic courses taught during a current term. Listed below are examples of how Canvas course shells may be used for course development, training, and user groups. 

  • Development Course - An instructor working on the development of a future course may request a blank Canvas course shell with no student enrollment. The instructor could later import the content into another Canvas course for instructional use.
  • Training Course - A department or office may wish to use a Canvas course to deliver training materials and assessments.
  • User Group Course - A university group or committee may request a Canvas course shell which they can use to exchange documents and messages. 

To request a new course shell, please click on the service request button at the right to describe your project needs.

Available To:

MSU Faculty and Staff. Student organizations should ask their faculty advisors to originate the request.

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