Employee Network Resource Request

*NEW* This service replaces the "New Employee Network Resource Request" and the "Current Employee Network Resource Add/Change Request" services.

Use this service to either request a network account for a new University employee, student worker, or graduate assistant, OR to request changes to a current employee's network access due to a change of department or responsibilities.

You will be asked to provide a list of network drives and/or additional access that is needed.

Please fill out a separate form for each person that needs a new account or changes to their existing account. If multiple, similar accounts need to be created for student workers or graduate assistants, please attach a spreadsheet with their names and M-numbers.

Available To:

MSU Employees / Tech Coordinators and Supervisors 

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Service ID: 16365
Tue 11/29/16 5:21 PM
Mon 1/7/19 1:39 PM