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Murray State Account Support

This provides instructions for resetting a forgotten password, changing your password, updating your Duo settings, and information on how long students and employees retain access to MSU accounts.

Activate or Reset a Network Account

Your network account is used for logging on to campus computers and the campus wireless networks. If you know your myGate credentials, you may activate or reset your network account through myGate on the Home tab. For further assistance, please use this service request or contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346.

Employee Network Resource Request

*NEW* This service replaces the "New Employee Network Resource Request" and the "Current Employee Network Resource Add/Change Request" services.

Use this service to either request a network account for a new University employee, student worker, or graduate assistant, OR to request changes to a current employee's network access due to a change of department or responsibilities.

Request Guest Internet Access

Accounts may be requested for Murray State University guests who will need network and/or internet access for multiple days. Accounts may also be requested if the standard self-service guest access does not meet a guest's needs. Other accounts for temporary use may also be requested through this service.

Username Change

If you have changed your legal name and have updated your records with the university, or if your username is misspelled, you may request a username change.

New Requestor Access for AiM

Request access to submit work order requests to the AiM system (Facilities Management).

SFTP Account for Student Organizations on RacerNet

Secure FTP accounts for student organization sites on RacerNet may be requested by student organization advisors.

SFTP Access for Class

Used to request SFTP access for a class.