Username Change

Current MSU students and employees who have completed an official name change at the university may also request their usernames for myGate, Canvas, RacerMail (Email), and the network to be changed. Additionally, if a username is misspelled, please click on the "Request This Service" button at the right to have the misspelling corrected. 

NOTE: An official name change must occur at the university before the username can be changed.

After completing steps 1 and 2 below, please allow 10 business days for your username to be updated. You will be contacted by an Information Systems staff member when the change is complete.

Students/Student Workers:

  1. Submit the Name Change Request Form and supporting documentation to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Click on the "Request This Service" button at the right to provide your information for a username change.


  1. Submit a new PA form with supporting documentation to Human Resources. Please see this additional information on the Human Resources policy for legal name changes
  2. Click on the "Request This Service" button at the right to provide your information for a username change.

After a Username Change:

Once the request has been completed, an Information Systems staff member will contact you at the phone number you provided in the service request. The staff member will provide the following information:

  • Username: The Information Systems staff member will let you know what your new username is.
  • Email: Your old email address will be automatically forwarded to your new email address, so you won't lose any future emails. We do highly recommend you immediately begin letting your contacts know what your new email address is.
  • Passwords: None of your passwords will have been changed.
  • Account content: No content (emails, contacts, class work in Canvas, etc) will have been lost. You shouldn't notice any differences other than your username.

Available To:

Current MSU Students and Employees

Update other personal information with Murray State 

Please see the following articles for information on updating other personal information

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Legal Name Changes

Username/Email Updates

Campus Records Updates (Office Locations and Phone Numbers, Personal Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers)


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