SFTP Account for Student Organizations on RacerNet

Secure FTP (SFTP) accounts are used to post and update web content on RacerNet. They may be requested by Instructors and Student Organization advisors.  

As part of the Student Organizations registration process, SFTP accounts may be requested each year, with current information provided for the advisor and students responsible for updating web content.

Please use the service request button at the right to have SFTP accounts created or updated. When the organization's status has been verified by the Student Organizations Office and the SFTP accounts are created, Information Systems will contact each individual with instructions for uploading their web content.

Account usernames and passwords will be set to the user's Active Directory (network, MSUnet2k) credentials.

NOTE: Account information must be kept confidential. If account information is shared, or if you have reason to suspect that an account was compromised, please contact the Service Desk immediately (270-809-2346) so that new passwords may be issued. Users who need to change their password may also do so through myGate, by changing their Network password.

Available To:

MSU Student Organization Faculty Advisors

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