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MSU Account and Password Overview

4 Easy Steps Guide for Students (PDF) This help guide shows students all the steps to log in to myGate, RacerMail, Canvas, and the campus network

Campus Systems

myGate - The myGate system allows users to add/drop courses, view and pay bills, view schedules, fill out timecards, enter grades, and much more. Additionally, to access the campus systems listed below, users must be able to access myGate first. Passwords expire after 120 days. Employees lose access to myGate one year after their termination date.
(myGate Account Information)

RacerMail - MSU's email system, powered by Google, includes a host of apps like Calendar and Hangouts. Student email accounts remain active for 3 years following graduation. Students who leave the University or discontinue taking classes will have their accounts deleted after 2 years. Students actively using their email may request continued usage. Employees' email accounts will be deleted 60 days following last paid date of employment. Retirees will retain email for life. A 30-day notice is sent in advance of deletion for all accounts.
(Create or Change Your RacerMail Email Password)

Canvas - MSU's learning management system for students and faculty to access courses and materials, take assessments, submit coursework, and view grades.
(Create or Change Your Canvas Password

Network - Student network accounts are created only after students have scheduled for classes. Students will need to set a network password through myGate or the Password Help system each semester in order to be able to log on to any campus computer, access library resources from off-campus, and use the on-campus wi-fi.
Employees' network accounts are disabled as of their last day of work. Other accounts may also be affected, such as Library access, SFTP accounts, wireless access, etc.
(Access Campus Computers / Register for Bradford in ResNet / Create or Change Your Network Account Password)


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