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NOTICE: Beginning Monday, November 14, 2022, all users of Duo will no longer have access to the “Call Me” option when authenticating. All other options are still supported.

If you have received a new mobile device/phone number and need to add it (or remove an old device/phone number) from your Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) you can do so using the instructions below. 

NOTE: You will still need access to the device/phone number currently registered for Duo 2FA. If you no longer have access to your old device/phone number, you will need to contact the Service Desk at

Go to the myGate login screen and enter your myGate username and password.

NOTE: If you have previously set your browser to remember you for 30 days, you will need to either switch to a new browser or use a private browsing (incognito) session. To open a private browsing session, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows/Chrome), Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows/Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer) or Command+Shift+N (Mac).

Before accepting any authentication (via a push or otherwise) click on the My Settings & Devices link on the left.


You will then be asked to confirm it’s really you. Accept the auto push notification or choose an authentication method to verify your identity.


Add a Device

Click on the +Add another device link from the My Settings & Devices page. 


Follow the instructions on the screen to add the new device. For additional help, view the instructions in the “Enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication” article. Once complete, you will see multiple devices listed.

You can click on Device Options to change the name of your device for easier identification, as well as to delete a device from your Duo  2FA account.


Remove a Device

The My Settings & Devices page will present any devices associated with your myGate account. Click Device Options next to the device you wish to edit or remove. Click on the red trash can icon.

*You will be asked to confirm it’s really you. Accept the auto push notification or choose an authentication method to verify your identity.

NOTE: If you only have one device associated with your myGate account, you will NOT be able to remove it until you’ve added another device.


Once you click the red trash can icon, you will be prompted to confirm the removal of that device. Click Remove to finish. 


Once completed, you will see a confirmation message.


myGate 2FA Assistance

For support, please call the MSU Service Desk at 270-809-2346 or email us at Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm, Central.

In the event you are unable to contact the Service Desk for assistance, we recommend users set up backup passcodes or a second device just in case.


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