Services (7)

Remote Phone Service

Use this service if you are required to use your MSU phone number to work remotely. Options currently include forwarding your MSU number to an off campus number or the use of the Jabber VoIP client. This service can be used to request new remote phone service, or to change an existing service.

Remote Phone Support

Use this service to report issues with using the Jabber client or other issues with a remote phone service.

VoIP Phone Changes or New Service

Request a new VoIP phone service or any change to be made to a current VoIP phone service.

VoIP Phone Assistance or Repair

Use this request for any type of issues that prevent proper operation of a phone. (VOIP, Analog,Fax Line).

Voice Mail Support

Request voice mail service for an existing campus phone, including initial setup and PIN resets.

MeetMe Conference Number

Request a MeetMe conference phone number for your department/group.

Fax Line

Request a Fax Line for your department or group.