Popular Services

If you are teaching multiple sections of a course or multiple courses that you would like to have combined into one course shell on Canvas, please use this service request.

*NEW* This service replaces the "New Employee Network Resource Request" and the "Current Employee Network Resource Add/Change Request" services.

Use this service to either request a network account for a new University employee, student worker, or graduate assistant, OR to request changes to a current employee's network access due to a change of department or responsibilities.

Secondary instructors or teaching assistants (TA or GA) can be added to Canvas courses.

If you experience an issue with Canvas, please request support through the ticketing system inside Canvas. For general support, please refer to the Canvas guides available here.

Request a software installation, upgrade, or removal on a campus computer or other university technology.

Your network account is used for logging on to campus computers and the campus wireless networks. If you know your myGate credentials, you may activate or reset your network account through myGate on the Home tab. For further assistance, please use this service request or contact the Service Desk at 270-809-2346.

If you live in one of the residence halls and would like to use the wired Internet port in your room, please use this service request to provide your information.

If students are unable to connect to the Internet in the Residential Colleges, they can request assistance here.

To request technology support, please contact the Service Desk for suggestions or solutions.

Request a new VoIP phone service or any change to be made to a current VoIP phone service.

Use this service to report issues with using the Jabber client or other issues with a remote phone service.

Use this service if you are required to use your MSU phone number to work remotely. Options currently include forwarding your MSU number to an off campus number or the use of the Jabber VoIP client. This service can be used to request new remote phone service, or to change an existing service.

Schedule a snapshot of a virtual server.

Use this service to request automated monitoring and timely notifications of on-campus servers and devices.

Update the campus location and office phone number listed in the People Finder online directory.

If you are having trouble accessing the network on your device, or if you need to connect a specialty device to the network, please use this service request.

Request access to submit work order requests to the AiM system (Facilities Management).

Use this service to request support for an existing Virtual Desktop.

If you have received an email that looks like a phishing attack, please report it and change your email password.

Use this request for any type of issues that prevent proper operation of a phone. (VOIP, Analog,Fax Line).

If you want to be able to access your office computer when you are off-campus, use this service to request that it be set up.

Use this service to submit a generic or general request for DBA assistance or support unrelated to existing Database Administration & Support services.

Request to install server software upgrades or patches.

Report a problem with software on campus computers or other university technology.

Report a hardware problem with a campus computer or other university technology.