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Banner Change Control

Request to apply a Banner patch outside of the regular patching schedule.

Banner SSB Role

Update SSB Role for EPAF Administrator, Effort Certification Administrator, Labor Redistribution Initiator, and Master Salary Planner.

BDM/ApplicationXtender - Request to Correct Locked Out Status

Request to have your BDM/ApplicationXtender account reset (unlocked).

BSIS Production Support

Generic ERP-related Production Support

Cognos - Promote a Report from TEST to PROD

Request to have a Cognos report promoted from TEST to the PRODUCTION environment.

Effective Date Changes for Finance Funds/ORGNS

Modify Effective Date for Banner Finance Fund and ORGN Codes

Survey Development / SurveyMonkey

Academic Applications Solutions provides online survey development and support for MSU Faculty and Staff using an annual license of SurveyMonkey.