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Report a hardware problem with a campus computer or other university technology.

Request network accounts for new university employees, student workers, or Graduate Assistants. Please list the network drive(s) or additional access that is needed.

Request a software installation, upgrade, or removal on a campus computer or other university technology.

Request a new VoIP phone service or any change to be made to a current VoIP phone service.

MSU Faculty and Staff may request the repair, activation, or installation of a network port, cable TV jack, or other communications cable.

Report problems with a campus printer, copier, or MFP.

To request technology support, please contact the Service Desk for suggestions or solutions.

Use this request for any type of issues that prevent proper operation of a phone. (VOIP, Analog,Fax Line).

If you need Information Systems support for a service that is not currently listed in our Service Catalog or Knowledge Base, or if you have other feedback to share, please use the feedback form provided here. If you need to report an Information Systems emergency, please contact the Service Desk at or 270-809-2346.

To add or remove a networked printer, or to enable or disable features of an existing networked printer, please use the service request form to submit information about the printer.

If a current employee or student worker has changed departments, replaced another employee, or been given additional duties, please use this service to have the employee's network access changed.

Users may request an SSL Certificate for applications or devices that require encryption. The domain will be restricted to or

Schedule a snapshot of a virtual server.

Set up automated monitoring and alerting on a server.

If you are not able to log into myGate, please try using the Password Help system. Instructions for enrolling in Password Help are provided.

If you have changed your legal name and have updated your records with the university, or if your username is misspelled, you may request a username change.

Guest wireless accounts may be requested for Murray State University guests who will need a network account for multiple days and/or the traditional guest account generation does not meet their needs.

Your network account is used for logging on to campus computers. If you know your myGate credentials, you may activate or reset your network account through myGate. For further assistance, please use this service request or call 270-809-2346 to contact the Service Desk.

Secondary instructors or teaching assistants (TA or GA) can be added to Canvas courses.

Update the campus location and office phone number listed in the People Finder online directory.

OU users may request to have a static IP address added or removed by providing the location, computer name, and MAC address through this service request. DHCP reservations and Public IP addresses may also be requested.

Permanently shut down a server and remove it from service.

Tegrity is Lecture Capture software that records the content shown on the computer screen, along with the instructor's audio. Tegrity captures, stores, and indexes this content online for students to access at their convenience. Instructors may request one-on-one or group training.

Use this service to request support for an existing Virtual Desktop.

Request that a university device be connected to a networked printer.