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Find campus phone numbers and other contact information.

RacerNet updates can be requested through this service. These updates include correcting broken or outdated links.

Sign up to receive Murray State University emergency communications as text messages sent to your SMS-capable cell phones.

Restore a file on a network share to a previous version, or recover a file that has been deleted from a network share.

Can't find the training request you are looking for? Use this service to request training.

If a current employee or student worker has changed departments, replaced another employee, or been given additional duties, please use this service to have the employee's network access changed.

Request a software installation, upgrade, or removal on a campus computer or other university technology.

When a new computer needs to be purchased for an employee, please use this service request to submit a description of what is needed. Based on the budget and needs, a Service Desk representative will provide a quote for the new hardware.

If you are having trouble accessing the network on your device, or if you need to connect a specialty device to the network, please use this service request.

If you are not able to log into myGate, please try using the Password Help system. Instructions for enrolling in Password Help are provided.

Request a new virtual server. This typically refers to a server intended to provide some form of service available on the network, as opposed to a desktop replacement.

Report a hardware problem with a campus computer or other university technology.

Request network accounts for new university employees, student workers, or Graduate Assistants. Please list the network drive(s) or additional access that is needed.

If students are unable to register their devices on the network, they can request assistance with registering those devices.

Request a new VoIP phone service or any change to be made to a current VoIP phone service.

TSCS provides online survey development and support for MSU Faculty and Staff using an annual license of SurveyMonkey.

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing system that can be used in Canvas.

Murray State University recognized the need for Faculty, Staff, and Students (in select courses) to access university resources while physically away from MSU and at insecure locations. Faculty, Staff, and University-sponsored vendors can request VPN access.

If you have received an email that looks like a phishing attack, please report it and change your email password.

To request technology support, please contact the Service Desk for suggestions or solutions.

If you experience an issue with Canvas, please contact TSCS through the ticketing system inside Canvas. For general support, please refer to the Canvas guides available here.

Respondus tools (Respondus, LockDown Browser, and Monitor) can be used to create and complete exams online. This service page provides resources to help instructors and students use the tools successfully and request technical support.

Information Security Awareness Training is available through Canvas. The "Securing the Human" training videos inform employees about the dangers in today's online world and how to avoid falling victim to hackers.

Set up automated monitoring and alerting on a server.

Report problems with a campus printer, copier, or MFP.